The Griffin PowerMate as flexible DAW and Midi Controller

by Johannes Hoffmann

I have neither the need nor the space (nor the money) for one of the big control surfaces to control my DAW (Logic Pro to be precise). But I always wanted a knob in addition to mouse and keyboard. Ideally this device should be flexible enough to control various things:

  1. scrolling/start/stop
  2. change plug-in parameters
  3. control channel strip volume/pan/send

And I wanted to switch between all of them.

Griffin PowerMate

The Griffin PowerMate filled that bill partly for years, but it was more or less limited to one or two tasks and controlling the channel strip of the selected track was cumbersome. But this changed now with the new PowerMate 3 software (free dowload at

Here is how I turned my PowerMate into a universal one knob Logic control (that should work similar for other DAW like Cubase or ProTools). This tutorial shows how to setup each of the three tasks above. If you want to use all three of them you should read down to the switching part bevor starting the setup (otherwise you or the PowerMate or Logic might mix it up).

Download a zip with all scripts.

1. Scrolling the timeline, start and stop.

This is the easy task that always worked well. Logic has plenty of key-commands for scrolling, scrubbing, jumping, start and stop. And the PowerMate has been based on keystrokes since day one.

PowerMate Configuration

So I defined three triggers in PowerMate 3 (the keystrokes depend on the settings in Logic):